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stories with maths

and animals !


Stories are a powerful way to learn. Get your teaching off to an engaging start with one of these!

Follow up with tailor made worksheets to help kids dig deeper into the concepts.


This amusing maths story helps kids learn about the important number bonds of 10. It encourages them to think about how many more are needed to make 10. This missing addend approach also relates well to subtraction strategies.

Friends of 10 are super important facts for kids to learn. Start your lesson with this fun maths story then download the worksheets to consolidate and extend their thinking. 

You might even be tempted to bake your own batch of cookies!

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Percy and the New Neighbours
in which Percy learns to count all the numbers to 20

Percy is a cheeky sugar glider with an obsession for sweet treats. New neighbours disturb his sleep, so he attempts to count them but only knows the numbers to 10.

His visiting friends unknowingly teach him all the numbers to 20 and, despite Percy's secret treat stealing plan, show him what true friendship is all about.

For ages 4 and up

Australian Curriculum: ES1 Kindergarten

US and UK Curriculum links

21 fun counting worksheets for kids that match percy and the new neighbours
number cards 0 to 20 with cookies on trays

Teen Trouble in the Kitchen
in which Percy learns to read teen numbers 

A perfect story for kids who keep reversing their teen numbers.

After setting the timer for 15 minutes, Percy waits alone for Nim Numbat's cookies to bake. His friends soon join him for the wait. And it's the longest wait they've ever waited! Unfortunately for the friends, and the cookies, Percy didn't set the timer to the right 15 after all...

For ages 4 and up

Australian Curriculum: ES1 & S1- Kindergarten, Year 1

5 games to teach numbers 10 to 20
cookie display numbers 0-20.png

Wombat's Special Ten
in which Old Wombat discovers exciting ways to make 10

It's Jam Sandwich Thursday so Percy heads to Old Wombat's burrow for his fix of delicious treats. Old Wombat is too busy staring at his special stick to have any treats for Percy. Unimpressed and hungry, Percy swings that special stick around and around. 

The result is devastating for poor Old Wombat, or is it?

He just may have found something even better than having only one special stick. He may even be able to leave the burrow after all these years.

Learn number bonds of 10

For ages 4 and up

Australian Curriculum: ES1 & S1 - Kindergarten, Year 1&2

bonds of 10 worksheets for wombat's special ten.png
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How to hold a pencil
because when it comes to handwriting, numbers count

Show this helpful video to teach kids a fun way to use good pencil grip. Great for Kindergarten and Year 1 children who could do with a friendly reminder about one of the best ways to hold a pencil.

a cockatoo is holding a pencil to show kids a fun way to learn how to hold a pencil
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