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about numbers and with animals


Commit counting sequences, facts and procedures to memory through the power of song. 

Children and adults can enjoy catchy number songs that reduce maths anxiety and build number confidence


Sing from 10 to 20 and back again

Sing a counting song that concentrates on the numbers 10 to 20. Miss Cooke's animal friends help her count as quietly as a mouse and with a lot of loud bouncing from Big Rad the red kangaroo.

HINT: Only learn this 10 -20 and back song once you know how to count to 10!

cookie display numbers 0-20.png
counting to 20 worksheets 21 fun teaching resources

Learn how to read and sing teen numbers

We focus on learning 11,12,13 and 15 because these are the trickiest teens and the hardest to remember!

This number recognition song gives children the tools to read and remember all the teen numbers. There's also time to practice new skills at the end.


Learn how to count to 100 and beyond

Sing all the way to 120 as Percy the sugar glider scurries through the bush on his way to the picnic. Count each step as he passes ferny groves, caves and waterfalls, in this catchy counting song. Watch till the end to see the mountains of treats on the picnic rug. 

count to 100 and 120 chart and game.jpg

Revise teen numbers the fun way

Just for fun (and a some education, of course), watch the great cookie bake. Miss Cooke and her animal friends make their own delicious treats. There's counting, there's singing, there's chatting and there's eating. Learning to count to 20 never tasted so delicious!

Teaching worksheets for numbers to 20
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