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26 highly engaging pages to help Kindergarten and 1st Grade  to learn the essential number bonds of 10.


Each activity seeks to present the bonds of ten in different ways, challenging learners to find missing addends, subtrahends and answer number sentences from easy to advanced.


If you have students who struggle to recall their Friends of Ten, give them this workpack for intensive learning, revision and consolidation. The activities are ever changing so that students don't get bored with answering the same facts, the same way. 


Memorising the pairs that make 10 is excellent, but it shouldn't come without understanding.

This teaching resource aims for deep understanding, application and ...humour.


Watch the Videos Wombat's Special 10 and 4 o'clock Cookies as a springboard for your numeracy lesson.


Some sheets may be laminated or slipped into plastic sleeves to allow for repeated play. Enlarge colour versions for class display, a maths corner or for use with small groups.


Great for home schooling as it brings carefully designed numeracy activities straight into the home. Don't forget, all resources are designed by a teacher (me) who values quality, creativity and inclusiveness...and animals!

Number Bonds of 10 | Resource Pack

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