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When it comes to numbers, handwriting counts too!

In class, getting children to hold the pencil correctly feels like a never ending battle. We know that correct pencil grip is important to number and letter formation, to reduce writing fatigue and increase legibility but getting them to do it is frustrating.


Hello Cockie shows kids the right way to hold a pencil. It's funny and comes with easy to use triggers. Watch the Hello Cockie video then put up the classroon displays, colour in and add your own pencil then do some handwriting the right way straight away.


The posters are A4 but can be enlarged to A3



The pack includes:

* 2 different colour display posters showing Hello Cockie holding his pencil

* 1 poster for kids to colour and add their own pencil

* 3 posters to engage and motivate while teaching. Great to leave around the room as reminders of our pencil loving cockatoo friend

* 2 pages of Hello Cockie number formation and counting practice

* detailed information page about introducing Hello Cockie Correct Pencil Grip to kids

Hello Cockie Correct Pencil Grip

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