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Learning the friends of 10 is vital and needs to be practised regularly for automaticity to develop. Make learning number bonds to 10 fun with this tried and tested flippity flap activity where children have to guess the missing number to make 10. Great way of introducing missing part problems without them even noticing, because it makes sense!

This teaching resource includes one full A4 page per bond so the teacher can easily lead a whole class activity, plus 2 full sets of small cards (cookies and blueberries) and 2 additional sets of minis so that kid can challenge each other.

Counting cookies is so yummy and fun, but if you would like to include a fruit option, use the blueberry Flippity Flaps. 

Link this learning resource with the story Wombat's Special 10.

Flippity Flap bonds of 10-find the missing number

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