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Whether you are a teacher,  parent or tutor, these timesaving, curriculum aligned worksheets and activities make learning teen numbers easy and fun.

Spot the characters from Spot Maths stories and songs as they learn to...

* count

*  sequence

*  read

*  write

*  model

*  compare

* partition

...teen numbers.

Includes overview of links to Australian Maths Curriculum & US Common Core Standards

17 adorable and educational activity pages

1 Baking Bingo Game

Sets of flashcards (numbers, subitizable pics, addition)

1 Assessment page


Years of working in Learning Support Numeracy  informed the creation of these worksheets. 

Spot Maths activities aim to be motivating, visually stimulating, but clear and easy to focus on. Worksheets are also included that extend young learners.


Use these 1 to 20 Number worksheets with their focus on teen numbers, to support the valuable hands on learning children are receiving at school and home. Watch Percy and the New Neighbours and Teen Trouble in the Kitchen as springboards for discussion about numbers. This 0 to 20 counting pack:teen number focus,  presents activities that increase interest, relevance and retention. 


Happy Maths-ing!

Learn 0 to 20 Counting Pack: teen number focus

  • The page sizes are A4 but can be adjusted during the printing stage to another size eg US format

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