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These number bonds of ten math cards will make learning fun for Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students.

Groups, pairs and individuals can play a variety of games that help them understand and memorise the important facts of 10.

Perfect for finding out 'how many more to make 10?' Finding the missing addend is a great way to deepen their mathematical reasoning.


Watch the free You Tube video 4 o'clock Cookies to stimulate discussion and get kids excited about learning, then print, cut, fold and glue the cards (or get the children to do it!) to make this versatile teaching resource that your kids will use over and over again.


  • Print onto cardboard and cut out pairs of 10. Fold each piece along the centre line before pasting together for flip cards.
  • Now your cards can be used as 'Guess the friend of 10', 'How many more choc chips will there be on the bottom if there are __ on the top?' or 'Match the choc chips to the matching number card'.
  • Cut out each number individually and use for more matching fun in Finding the Friend of 10 Frenzy. Spread the number cards face up on the table and time how long it takes to sort them into friends of 10.
  • Mix and match choc chips with number cards to make pairs to 10. Great to give kids a visual image of the number.
  • Put multiple copies of single numbers together. Deal between players for Ten SNAP to practice finding pairs that make 10.
  • Easy Adding: Lay out a set of cards 1-9 in any order then add them all up....Point out how much easier it is if they add the pairs to 10.
  • Students can quiz each other with their own small packs of Cookie Cards. '6 and how many more make 10?'
  • Print the blank cookies and draw your own choc chip combinations or paste uncooked black lentils onto the cookies for more tactile Friends of 10 fun.
  • Use the blank cards to make bonds for other numbers.
  • Don't forget to check out all the amazing resources for Bonds of Ten and MORE


Numbers have been written using different fonts to expose children to a broader range of styles.

Bonds of 10 Missing Number Playing Cards

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