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6+ Fabulous Board Games & Activities to teach numbers to 20, especially those tricky teens. Perfect for learning centres, group or partner work, and for family fun at home. Simply download, print and play. They're curriculum aligned so play is purposeful, educational and always fun. A4 size. Can easily enlarge to A3.

* meaningful counting experiences

* numeral recognition

* sequencing

* counting on

* place value concepts

* partitioning teens

* count to 20 and all the way to 100 still using teen concepts

* Supported by video stories and songs available for free on website


Teem with the 0-20 Counting pack and their teen needs are covered. 


Welcome Party Rush  Endless counting practise gets really dull. Play Welcome Party Rush to count in a fast paced game where everyone is busy, excited and concentrating on their moves. The game is deliberately simple to keep things moving and the learning intentions uncompromised.

Teen Treats in the Tree aims to consolidate the 10+ composition of teen numbers. Initially, children will need to count evey step but it isn't long before they are trusting that the throw of ten enables them to jump to 10 then add the second digit in another leap (up the tree). This game also promotes number recognition to 20. It is a visually appealing game that always gets a cheer when suggested.

Scurry To 20 is similar to Teen Treats in that it can be played following the same 10+ concept but it can also be extended to include addition, subtraction, sequencing, before and after... In fact, there are multiple ways this versatile board can be used. Suggestions are included.

Scurry to 100 included for differentiation

Number Climber 10-20 really focuses on ordering numbers and correct number formation. It is ideal for small groups as it is a perfect way for the leader/teacher to use as a sneaky assessment. Children' skills in sequencing and number formation are quickly strengthened during this game. Numbers are provided if you need to skip the hand writing component and concentrate on sequencing.

Number Climber 1- 10 Also great for sequencing and can be used as a differentiated activity.

First To The Picnic Sequence number strips by the decade, and make a track to the picnic. Throw a teen number and partition to make jumping to the picnic faster. Excellent application of place value concepts with so many ways to extend.

Each carefully designed game comes with variations and suggestions, spinners and the cards needed to play. Ideally, you would enlarge onto A3 paper and laminate, but they can be played in their A4 size. Just use smaller counters!






6+ Hands on Games for Learning Teen Numbers

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