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Count to 100 and to 120 on these adorable A4 size counting charts. 


  • 120 Counting Chart - 2 versions
  • 100 Counting Chart
  • Activity Ideas for each chart
  • Bonus 0-100 partially filled number line with activity suggestions
  • Spinners x 2 for game play


Perfect resources for the Count to 120 Song.

Use with the video or on their own, children will love these counting charts for personal play or enlarged to A3.

Included, are a variety of games and 2 spinners to get you started.

Knowing number names to 120 is great, but knowing the order those numbers come in, the forwards and backwards sequence, now that is the key. The more experience children have with numbers to 120, the more chance they have of developing strong number sense which is so essential for future maths learning.

100 and 120 Counting Charts with Activities

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