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Just the friends of 10 card set you need to teach, revise and consolidate (and entertain). PLUS additional worksheets and a link to some funny free maths videos


  • addition to 10 with visual prompts
  • subtraction from 10 with visual prompts
  • pairs to make 10 without prompts!
  • 2 and 3 addend sorting cards
  • how many choc drops to make 10 flip cards
  • compliments to 10 number search
  • DIY cookie fact cards
  • play memory
  • snap
  • quick sort addition
  • missing addend matching cards
  • 0-10 digit cards


Print cards onto cardboard, cut and play.

Give children their own personal packs of 10 facts to take home.

Included is a B&W version as well as colour

Designed on A4 size. You can resize in the Printing option on your computer


Links perfectly to my FREE Spot Maths Stories on YouTube 4 o'clock Cookies - A Story about Ten

10 Fact Card Pack | Addition | Subtraction | More

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