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Make maths a snack, with this tasty 0 to 20 number display for your classroom or playroom. Each number has its own full page to show its full mathematical sweetness.


Your 0 to 20 Cookie Ten Tray display set will help children read numbers as numerals and words, and develop their early counting skills.


The Ten Tray display allows children to use their innate powers of subitization to more easily see numbers as quantities. Even easier than understanding a ten frame, Ten Trays allow struggling students to make connections with numbers and to trust the count. Most children (and some animals) can identify 3 dots by simply looking. No need to count. Most people can do this up to 5. Unless the objects are arranged in recognisable formats (think dice patterns), it is harder to instantly recognise (to subitize) the amount as the numbers grow, which is why traditional ten frames can present a challenge.


Mathematics curriculae across the globe know the value of using 5 as a reference in forming numbers to 10, and 10 as a reference for numbers beyond. Establish number recognition and comparison using these principles with your Cookie Ten Tray displays. By using the trusty 5 dice pattern as the foundation for all numbers to 20, Ten Trays support familiarisation with smaller units, recognition of those units within larger amounts (think 2 fives make 10) and use 5 as the building block for numbers to 10. 


If you want to speed the recognition of numbers, quantities and their relationships to each other, try Ten Trays. They come with cookies so they are also delicious. What better way to make maths a snack!


Your 0 to 20 Cookie Ten Tray display download has one full page for each number 0 to 20.

Download today and make your most reluctant mathematicians keen to take a bite.


Note: All cookies are gluten, dairy and sugar free...if you want them to be :)

Make maths fun, simple and if you ever can...delicious!!


Accompany your theme with the bite size versions of these posters. Smaller sets of Cookie Ten Trays are available for individual student packs. They include variations in layout to broaden the number of games and activities you can do with your learners.

0 to 20 Cookie Ten Tray Display

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