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Learn mathematics the fun way,
while building confidence and a love of numbers in children everywhere.
miss nadine cooke presents maths songs and videos for children.png

With Spot Maths songs and stories, learning maths is never boring

It's maths help with a difference, for children and their adult supporters.

Spot Maths aims to improve children's numeracy skills through original

stories, songs and activities that can be shared at school and at home.

animal characters from spot maths stories

Miss Cooke, your learning support educator, makes sure there's mathematical goodness

sprinkled throughout, so you can relax and take the stress out of wondering

how to help your kids feel good about numbers in their early school years.

Maths Stories

Miss Cooke looks a little crazy as she reads one of her maths stories

Watch as Miss Cooke lifts the lid on the  adventures of Percy the sugar glider and his animal friends who learn about numbers in all sorts of situations.

Maths Songs

Miss Cooke sings the 11 to 20 counting song with her animal friends

Original songs that improve children's counting  and numeracy skills. Increase memory recall and get everyone joining in with these catchy maths songs for kids.

Maths Resources

Teaching resources for kindergarten and year 1 maths

Curriculum aligned worksheets support  concepts presented in Spot Maths stories & songs, providing a valuable  resource for teaching and home schooling.

Miss cooke makes maths stories with polymer clay.png
Nadine cooke illustrates maths stories with polymer clay.png
Nadine cooke looks inside one of her maths story boxes.png

Take the anxiety out of maths by associating enjoyable memories play with teaching and learning. My love of maths has me creating miniature of animals ready for bushland adventures. It gets me singing and filming and animating.

Boost your child's maths emotions by sharing happy times, fun activities and laughter.

Chances are whatever you enjoy doing, you can spot maths.

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